How Does Garbage Disposal Work?

Garbage Disposal

How Garbage Disposals Work

Home garbage disposal is one of the best modern luxuries in American homes. With the flip of a switch, eggshells, fruit, and other food scraps are blended down small enough to be washed down into the plumbing system. With the heavy flow of water pushing the scraps downward, after-meal cleanup is a cinch.

If you’ve ever ventured outside the United States, you may have noticed that many countries don’t have garbage disposals. Either their plumbing systems are too old, or homeowners haven’t yet discovered just how great they are. In any case, we’re all lucky that they come in most U.S. homes today.

Even though it sits underneath our sinks out of sight, what’s going on underneath the kitchen sink drain is quite complex. A garbage disposal appliance is a machine built with a variety of rings, switches, and flanges that keep it running. Eventually, parts break down and you’ll have to call on someone like Plumbsmart Technologies LLC who knows how to fix or how to remove garbage disposal work is done. Here, we try to answer questions like “How long does a typical garbage disposal last?”, and, “How do you know if your garbage disposal is bad?”

The Basic Disposal Build

On a basic level, disposals are constructed out of an upper hopper, a shredder ring that grinds the food scraps, flywheels, and a motor. The flywheels spin at a fast rate, throwing garbage onto the shredder. The hopper falls onto the flywheel, pushing food downwards and into the shredder.

To keep garbage disposal working, you need to make sure the right things are going down the drain. Some people incorrectly assume a disposal can handle anything that fits down the drain. Don’t throw hard objects like bones or fruit pits. Additionally, stringy vegetables, rice, and even pasta can cause trouble.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

Usually, people run into problems when a garbage disposal is clogged. When things aren’t flowing well, you’ll notice when the garbage disposal smells like mold or rotten food. That’s because it’s not disposing of food scraps properly.

You may have gotten yourself into a situation in which you ask, “Why does my garbage disposal just hum?” When there is only a humming sound, but no food is getting a shredder, the flywheels are likely spinning, but the shredder isn’t doing its part. Indeed, you’ll often run into problems with just one of the many components. Luckily, there are professionals like the team at Plumbsmart Technologies LLC in Asheville, NC who can help. Give us a call at 828-974-6147.

Preventative Maintenance is Key

If you own a garbage disposal, it’s important to get it serviced regularly. Just like with other home repairs like heater maintenance, scheduled maintenance prevents large repair bills. If it starts acting up, don’t wait until it’s inoperable before you call for help. A lot of people wonder, “Can garbage disposal leak prevention extend the lifespan of my disposal?” Well, of course, it can! Making sure your appliance is in good shape will make it last longer and save you money from having to replace one.

A quick word for the wise. If you attempt to DIY your garbage disposal maintenance and repair, take caution. Never put your hands into the drain while the disposal is running. Will a garbage disposal cut you? It depends. Even though the blades aren’t very large, the flywheels generate a lot of force and can seriously injure your hand. If you’ve ever run the disposal while a spoon or fork is in the drain, you can imagine what it might do to your hand.

The best bet is to have a professional service come and check things out if it’s not working well. Technicians know how to take apart and service garbage disposals quickly, so it’s back up and running in no time.

Food Dropped in a Garbage Disposal.

Find a Dependable Garbage Disposal Repair Company

No one wants to have to take a large amount of time out of their schedules for any kind of home repair. People want things done quickly and for repairs to fix the problem. The same goes for garbage disposal repair. Find a company with a good reputation who has the resources to respond quickly to your clogged or leaking disposal.

These days, it’s fairly easy to find a dependable company with competent technicians. There are a ton of online reviews that can point you in the right direction. If you have had friends who have paid for garbage disposal installation, repair, or removal, ask them about their experience and see if the company who helped them can resolve your issues.

Plumbsmart Technologies LLC has been helping homeowners in Asheville, NC for years with all of their garbage disposal needs. If you or someone you know is having trouble with their disposal, please call 828-974-6147 today to hear how we can help.