Main Water Line Repairs

A Burst Main Water Line.

Main Line Inspection and Maintenance

Problems with a main water line impact plumbing throughout the house. Some people think that the only way to spot a problem with the main water line is if there’s a drop in water pressure. That may be true in cases where there’s a severe leak or pipe break. However, usually, a leak in the mainline isn’t very noticeable because it’s the same as if a faucet is turned on inside. Think about it. If you turn on a sink upstairs, does the kitchen faucet still run OK? It’s the same with a small leak in the main water line.

How to Spot a Main Water Line Issue

Usually, property owners notice there’s something wrong when there’s a sound of water running constantly. They check all of the faucets and pipes inside but can’t spot any leaks or water. You might also hear a humming in the pipes that indicates a leak. The sounds can be slight, so it’s best to do a check where there isn’t a lot of commotion around.

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The Repair Process

When a technician arrives at your property, the first thing they’ll do is identify whether there’s a leak. The simplest way to go about this is to turn off the water line into the house. Shutting off the valve should send the water meter to zero. However, if there’s a leak the meter will still show activity. Then you know there’s a leak somewhere that needs to be fixed.

The team at Plumbsmart Technologies LLC Plumbing and Drain has the tools and training for main water line repair in Asheville, NC, so you can avoid any property damage and keep utility costs reasonable. Don’t let a suspected water leak go unchecked for too long. We can send someone out to inspect your plumbing system for any vulnerabilities and work with you on finding a solution. Call us today at 828-974-6147 to schedule an appointment.